How to change background in photoshop

How to change image background using photoshop

Hello All…. today I will explain ‘How to change the background of any photo or images’ in Photoshop. After reading this blog you can easily change the background of any image or photos. I will also mention some shortcuts of photoshop so, it will be easy to use and also time saving.

1. Open your image in photoshop

open your image in Photoshop and click on lock icon of that layer. 

How to change image background in photoshop

2. Quick selection tool

Change the layer name as ‘MainImage’  then go to tool panel and select ‘Quick Selection’ tool.

Now paint on your image. You will see that some portion of your image is selected now. Same as select the full image. 

change background

Note : To decrease the brush size press left bracket ( [ ) and to increase the brush size press right bracket ( ] ) keyboard.

If your selection grows outside of the image, just hold down the Alt. It will allow you to deselect.

3. Mask your image

Now click on ‘Layer Mask’, which is at the bottom right. After that you will see that your image is masked now.

change background in photoshop

4. Check the background

Now create two other layers named‘Black’ and ‘white’ as shown in image.
Place your main image at the top of all the layers. Check how your image is look with  black background and white background.

change background in photoshop

You will see that edge of your image is not looking proper. So, select eraser tool from tool panel and smooth out the edge of your image.

5. Add new background

Now add the new background whatever you want and check your image edges. if is still not proper just smooth it little more. You can download some Free Beautiful images.

6. Blend your image

How to change background in photoshop

If your image is similar to example, then go to blending mode and select ‘Multiply’ , it will blend your image beautifully with your background.

You can change size of background and image as per your requirement.

Thank you for the reading….

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