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Location Icon

This tutorial is for the beginners of photoshop. I will show you how to create Location icon in Photoshop in very easy way. After reading this tutorial you can also create your own Location icon very Quickly.

1. Create New File

Create New file in Photoshop and give art board name as Location. Here I am creating art board of 500 px by 500 px.

Create new file in photoshop

2. Create Circle

Now from your tool panel select Ellipse.  Hold down Alt key, left click your mouse button and drag. It will create a circle.

create circle

3. Set Position

Don’t worry about the circle position. To place it in centre, select your Ellipse layer, and click on ‘Align vertical centre’ and after that click on ‘Align horizontal centre’. 

After that, press Ctr+j from your keyboard.  It will create new copy of your Ellipse layer. 

4. Duplicate Layer

Now select New ellipse layer and Press Ctr+t. You will see that your Ellipse is selected now. Move your mouse cursor at top right corner, hold down shift and left button of your mouse and drag it inside.  It will change the size of circle.

Copy Circle

5. Masking

Select both Ellipse Layers, go to Layer -> Combine Shapes-> Subtract Front Shape


6. Change Shape

Now select pen tool, hold down Ctr and click on edge of your circle.  Again hold down Ctr and click on bottom anchor point of your circle. After that hold down Shift and press Down key 3 times from keyboard.

NOTE: when first time you will press down key, one pop-up box will appear, click YES.  It will allow you to change the shape.

7. Fill Colour

Now hold Alt and click on that anchor point. You will seeNow your shape is Perfect. Select the layer and change the colour. Here I amusing #f5bd25 colour.

Your Icon is ready. You can choose your own color. Hope you Enjoyed reading my tutorial. Please leave a comment for any query Stay tuned for next tutorial.

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